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Aqueous Based Industrial Parts Cleaning, Industrial Parts Washer, ultrasonic cleaning system

Aqueous Based Industrial Parts Cleaning

Aqueous Cleaning- Spray Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning

Aqueous Spray Cleaning


 High performance inline Cleaning

Continuous cleaning of parts with single or Multistage      cleaning

 Spray pressure from 2 bar to 15 bar

 Customised solution as per cleaning requirement

 Safety interlocks


 Water Filteration and Oil Skimmer

 Variable conveyor speed

 Hot air drying

 Fume Extraction system

 PLC based Controls

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Multistage


 Multiwash, Rinse, Drying, Rust Preventive application

 PLC based Controls

 Simaltaneous treatment of parts in various chambers

 Flexibility in Washing programmes


 Immersion, Spray, Flood Wash cycles

 Automatic material handling system

 Basket Rotation and Dunking

 Water Filteration and Recirculation

 Oil Skimmer

 Hot Air Drying

Single Piece Flow Continuous Cleaning


 Multi process flexible cleaning and Drying (Spray,     Ultrasonic)

 Continuous flow of parts

 Compact design

 Easy loading and unloading of parts

 Suitable for medium size parts


 Auto loading and Unloading

 Filteration and Recirculation of aqueous media

 Oil Skimmer

 Hot air drying

Cylindrical Screw Feed Washing


 Inline Continuous cleaning

 High production rate

 Multiprocess cleaning zones

 Suitable for fastners, valves, tubes, bearing parts, etc.


 Automatic loading and unloading Vapour extraction unit

 Oil Skimmer

 Filteration and Recirculation of Cleaning media